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Are Seventh Day Adventist Really a Cult? With Doug Batchelor (Amazing Facts) Hi, friends! in this Video I respond to the three most common attacks on the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I break down point by point the typical distorted info from those who label Adventists as a “cult”. Quelle:…


The Sabbath is a forgotten time for most Christians. In this video Pastor Mark Finley will share practical principles and insight on how to keep the Sabbath and the biblical importance of this day. Quelle: Hopelives365 on YouTube

Simpsons Vorhersagen – Coronavirus / Event 201/ Paul Schreyer & c.o Die Simpsons haben es wieder getan oder? können die Macher der Simpsons tatsächlich in die Zukunft schauen? Wer kennt überhaupt die Zukunft? Quelle: Die Wahrheit ist einzig YouTube Kanal

The Gnostic gospels sprung out of Christianity in the 2nd century. Biblical truths were inverted. They taught that the creator God was evil and that the serpent in the garden of Eden was actually good. Hollywood has long used Bible stories as themes in movies. But are they telling the…


Pandemic, Politics, Papacy, and Prophecy: Year End Review with Doug Batchelor