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Revelation 13 tells about a crisis that is coming upon the earth. Many people will take the mark of the beast because they will lean upon their own understanding and deceive themselves into going along with Satan’s plan, even believing that their disobedience to God is righteousness. How could they…


In Episode 28 we study the book of Ezekiel to see how it pertains to events taking place in the World such as the peace agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirates, and what we can possibly expect in the times ahead. Links for further study: Global News YouTube Channel…


Are false spirits invading the church? -All parts of this shocking documentary in one video. -High quality version.

The Church is having outdoor services today. Please enjoy 3 consecutive presentations from Walter Veith from 2019 Leadership & End Time Prophecy

Roger Morneau ist ein bekannter christlicher Autor und Gebetskrieger. Seine Interviews sind mittlerweile legendär und wurden von vielen Menschen gesehen. “Im Bann des Bösen” ist eine Dokumentation aus dem Jahr 2020, die seine Geschichte und seine Erlebnisse auf spannende Art und Weise nacherzählt. Roger Morneau wurde nach seinem Dienst im…


Eastern Mysticism has been making it’s way into mainstream health practices. Find out what the dangers are. #Acupunture #MyticalMedicine #Christian More info on this topic: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/dragonreve… Part 2: https://endzeitbotschaft.de/2020/09/mystical-medicine-part-2-eric-wilson/