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The documentary ‘Going Clear’ reveals to what extent Tom Cruise and John Travolta are controlled by Scientology. Most importantly, it provides a glimpse at the dark side of the occult elite’s “show business” system. Continue …..

In this video I share news about False Teacher Jim Staley and how divine justice has been served, This wolf who got popular preaching a false works-based gospel is going to jail for 7 yer! GOOD! He will not be able to lead people astray anymore! Share this video to…


This National Geographic documentary looks into the CIA’s secret experiments conducted during the Cold War. It mainly focuses on mind control and the brainwashing techniques attached to it : Hypnosis, electroshock therapy and drugs. Continue …..

Naturkatastrophen machen die Welt wieder religiös und bald auch intolerant. Hier gehts weiter…. Auch interessant dazu : http://www.badische-zeitung.de/ausland-1/papst-will-klimarevolution–106320377.html

She’s never been one for holding back when it comes to raunchy on-stage kisses with the opposite — or same — sex. Coachella 2015 drake full performance madonna kiss gaslight killer experience full illuminati subliminal But Madonna wouldn’t have been expecting the horrified reaction of Canadian singer Drake when she…