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It seems like a no brainer that Christians shouldn’t watch a show called ‘Lucifer’, but to our shock, MANY are! We expose the way this show not only shows things we shouldn’t watch, but also make the viewer sympathetic towards Satan.

Mike Shreve’s personal spiritual journey from Eastern religions to Christianity. He was a teacher of yoga and meditation at four universities and ran a yoga ashram, until a dramatic encounter with God caused him to embrace a Biblical worldview. The comparison of these two belief systems makes for a very…


Mikey was raised in church and accepted Christ at an early age, but began to have some questions that Christians did not have good answers for. Their lack of answers only added to his skepticism and he began to seek for truth in other directions including witchcraft. The Power of…


http://littlelightstudios.tv/ What does it mean “Follow your Heart?” Is it an innocent adage or is it one of the most deceptive statements implanted in young minds?