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John found out when he was a young child that he was adopted and grew up to become a pastor and a college professor. At age 38 he met his birth mother for the first time. This is their story of being reunited and the events that caused their separation.…


Eastern Mysticism has been making it’s way into mainstream health practices. Find out what the dangers are. #Acupunture #MyticalMedicine #Christian More info on this topic: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/dragonreve… Part 2: https://endzeitbotschaft.de/2020/09/mystical-medicine-part-2-eric-wilson/

What does mindfulness mean? Considering context, origin and intent, Mike Shreve, Eric Wilson, and the Little Light team delve into whether mindfulness is something that should be achieved or not. #Mindfulness #Meditation #Christianity

Gem Castor joins us at the table to discuss the many aspects of prayer. As our direct line to God, prayer can be a bit intimidating. In this episode we answer questions surrounding prayer and share our experiences of how God has answered our prayers. We hope you are greatly…


The Devil is clever and the chains of sin sometimes feel too secure to break free from but God’s word is clear, “[God] hath sent Me [Jesus] to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives.” Luke 4:18. Allow Jesus to set you free today. #Freedom #Addiction #Christ Eric…


Soul ties go beyond the physical. What dangers comes with “celebrity crushes”? Why do our past encounters haunt us? We discuss all this and more with Eric Wilson. #SoulTies #CelebrityCrush #PastLove