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Walter Veith, Die Schokoladenseite der Jesuiten

Viele Menschen verzichten heute auf Fleisch – doch wann ist die Zeit, auch Milch, Eier, Käse und sonstige tierische Produkte aufzugeben? Tatsache ist, dass schon bald nach der Sintflut der Fleischverzehr Mensch und Umwelt grundlegend verändert hatte. Zu denken gibt auch, auf welchem Weg schädliche Genussmittel wie Kaffee, Tee und Schokolade in unsere Gesellschaft fanden. Welche Rolle spielte die katholische Kirche dabei? Walter Veith zeigt überraschende Fakten und Hintergründe auf.

The New Jesuit Pope Prepares to Welcome Lucifer As Christ!! Bob Trefz

Sermon Entitled…”Lucifer’s Telescope”: Satan is now preparing for his appearance, with the groundwork laid by the Jesuits holding him up as the alien savior of humanity. A powerful look into what is coming–first of all, from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, then from the Jesuit astronomers involved in VATT and LUCIFER. we lay the foundation for truth from the world, and distinguish between truth and error–from the foundations of papal thought and plans, to Biblical foundations. It is all here expounded…the all sufficiency of Christ vs. the ineffective papal christ and system, the Nephilim, the nature of angels and the redeemed, what was happening at the flood, Operation Condor and Pope Francis, the significance of having a Jesuit as a Pope. What the Jesuits plan to accomplish with their LUCIFER telescope on Mt. Graham, in confirming papal rule over the entire earth, based on intelligence recived from “alien Civilizations”. For more information please see our website: www.exposingdeceptions.org

The Jesuit Agenda

– The Jesuit Agenda. Jesuit tentacles reach into the halls of power
everywhere, including US Presidents, the military, corporate banking and
power brokers worldwide.

To have the first Jesuit Pope ever as the head of the Catholic empire at this time in history, is no accident.

It is startling how the Jesuit organization has insinuated itself in every level of government, banking, and religious bodies.

the last 400 years the Jesuits have succeeded in establishing the
largest worldwide network of schools and universities to prepare young
minds for one goal and one goal alone, the world dominance of the
Catholic religion.

The Jesuits have been able to shape and mold
the thinking of many famous world leaders, and produce generations of
political and religious leaders who were favorable to the Roman Catholic
Church, and her doctrinal agenda.

When you read the list of
who’s who that are graduates of Georgetown University, you’ll start to
see a picture emerging of world leaders who are Jesuit trained.

Obama Catholic administration is a virtual who’s who of well known
American Catholics and Jesuits, or at least Jesuit trained people.

include Roman Catholic congressmen and women, educators at Jesuit
universities, governors, senators, representatives, and others who were
chosen partly because of their close connections to Rome.

include Senator Bob Casey, Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia,
Representative Patrick Murphy, Senator Ted and and his wife Victoria
Kennedy, Senator Richard Durbin, Senator John Kerry, Senator Patrick
Leahy, Representative Xavier Becerra, Representative Mike Capuano,
Representative Lacy Clay, and a list of authors, educators and others.

The vast majority of them were trained at Catholic schools, and many of them at Jesuit institutions.

list of institutions where they were trained or where they teach
includes Catholic and Jesuit schools like Georgetown University, Boston
College, Loyola University, College of the Holy Cross, King’s College,
Marquette Law, University of Notre Dame, Trinity Washington University,
Loyola Marymount University, Xavier University and Catholic University
of America.

The list is long.

Jesuitism versus Protestantism, The Final Showdown

Like never before God’s people and the world need to be reading, studying, analyzing, and assimilating the principles found in the book The Great Controversy. This book like no other, unveils Satan’s working in the past, present, and future, and tells us how we can detect and stay clear of his devices. This book calls upon men and women to continue the protest that was begun since the inception of sin, carried forward under Elijah, John the Baptist, Wycliffe, Luther, and countless others, and to be ended with this final generation of faithful Seventh-day Adventists. This sermon reveals the vital tenants of protestantism and challenges us with the question, “Are you really a protestant Christian” or have you given up your protest and joined with Jesuitism and spiritualism?