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Soul ties go beyond the physical. What dangers comes with “celebrity crushes”? Why do our past encounters haunt us? We discuss all this and more with Eric Wilson. #SoulTies #CelebrityCrush #PastLove

Battlefield Hollywood is exposing the idolatry and the occult agenda in the movie-making industry. How are television and movies influence our brains? what does it mean for us as individuals? Answers to this questions can you find in this documentary. False System of Worship Home Hypnotist web Coming Out of…


Scott Mayer attended film school in college with high hopes of fulfilling his dream of working in the film and television business. Shortly after leaving college he packed his bags and headed to tinsel town where he quickly found a job working as a camera man in television. It didn’t…


From the Simpsons to Netflix’s Messiah and now a new indie drama called Habit, Hollywood is taking the portrayal of Jesus to new (blasphemous) levels. #ParisJackson #Jesus #Habit