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The topics here are drinking and smoking. What does does it to to christians and what says the bible?

Can Christians Play Fortnite? What does the Bible say about the #1 video game ever made with more than 250 million players? From addictions to Fortnite to dark demonic theology this Mini Doc exposes everything! Attention! This video is showing disturbing content / Achtung! das Video zeigt ein paar verstörende…


In Episode 13 we discuss the beautiful doctrine of the pre-advent judgement and the ministry of Jesus in the heavenly Sanctuary. Why are there so many misconceptions on this uniquely Seventh Day Adventist pillar of faith?

In Episode 14 we discuss the beautiful guidelines God has provided for us to have excellent discernment, which is especially important for the momentous times we are living in and for the events coming upon the earth.

Während seines Dienstes widmete Jesus der Krankenheilung weitaus mehr Zeit als dem Predigen. Auf den Spuren des großen Arztes 12. DC 167.1 Die ärztliche Missionsarbeit wird dem Lebensreformer viele Türen öffnen. Aus der Schatzkammer der Zeugnisse III, 86. DC 167.2 Wahrhafte medizinische Missionsarbeit ist das praktizierte Evangelium. Testimonies for the…