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CORONAVIRUS: God WARNED Them but They REFUSED to Listen 😭

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly across China and other parts of the world. Efforts to quarantine it aren’t working as well as expected. People keep getting infected and dying on a daily basis. However, this virus could have easily been avoided if only people would have heeded God’s warnings in the Bible, but they didn’t. Watch this video to learn more!

Walter Veith – Vegan, konkret gefragt

Ist vegan eine Mangelernährung? Warum wird Kuhmilch öffentlich noch immer so positiv dargestellt? Was ist von abschreckenden Zeitungsmeldungen und Studien zu halten, Soja sei in Wirklichkeit hochgefährlich? Was ist das Problem mit Schokolade? Darf ich niemals Obst und Gemüse mischen? Brauchen wir Nahrungsergänzungsmittel?

Dwayne Lemon Sexual Sin is Killing The Church

The last attack on the Children of Israel before they crossed the Jordon River was the influx of Moabite women into the camp. At the instruction of Balaam many were carried away into fornication and idolatry until a plague consumed thousands before being checked by the actions of Phineas! Is that what is happening in christian churches today? In the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches John in The Book of Revelation picks up on this growing problem of fornication and idolatry in chapters two and three.