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Are false spirits invading the church? -All parts of this shocking documentary in one video. -High quality version.

What does mindfulness mean? Considering context, origin and intent, Mike Shreve, Eric Wilson, and the Little Light team delve into whether mindfulness is something that should be achieved or not. #Mindfulness #Meditation #Christianity

In Episode 22 we discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, the Amazon synod held in the gardens of the Vatican as well as the Freedom Sunday movement and how all these might be seen in the North versus South scenario.

In Episode 21 we discuss the Great Reset initiative of the World Economic Forum, a Donald Trump Prophecy of 1983, as well as the calls made by Catholics that Trump must convert to Catholicism and Kanye West entering the presidential race. We apply the Biblical filters to see how this…


Episode 20. After giving a clear Biblical outline in the previous 3 episodes as to what constitutes Babylon, who teaches the serpent theology and who has been identified as the great anti-power against Jesus Christ, we now look at the final conflict that the world is heading for, the likes…


In Episode 19, part 3 of 3 we conclude our series on Babylon and the doctrine of the serpent. As we have seen in the previous episodes, all three the lies of the serpent are being taught by Babylon and in this episode we discuss what Babylon teaches on the…