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CORONAVIRUS: The WORST Is yet to Come ☠️

Coronavirus infections keep rising and scientists are warning that this could turn into a full-blown pandemic. Whether or not the coronavirus gets contained still remains to be seen. But did you know that end time Bible prophecy warns of another pandemic that is going to infect humanity? It is the first plague in Revelation 16:1-2, which is painful and incurable sores. All who accept the mark of the beast will be affected by it. And if that’s not bad enough, six more devastating plagues follow! Watch this video to learn more!

CORONAVIRUS: God WARNED Them but They REFUSED to Listen 😭

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly across China and other parts of the world. Efforts to quarantine it aren’t working as well as expected. People keep getting infected and dying on a daily basis. However, this virus could have easily been avoided if only people would have heeded God’s warnings in the Bible, but they didn’t. Watch this video to learn more!