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In Episode 16 we discuss the shaking which is to take place in the remnant church shortly before the second coming of Jesus as mentioned in the Spirit of Prophecy. What will cause this shaking and what must one do not to be shaken out? Watch all What’s Up Prof…


Mike Shreve’s personal spiritual journey from Eastern religions to Christianity. He was a teacher of yoga and meditation at four universities and ran a yoga ashram, until a dramatic encounter with God caused him to embrace a Biblical worldview. The comparison of these two belief systems makes for a very…


In Episode 13 we discuss the beautiful doctrine of the pre-advent judgement and the ministry of Jesus in the heavenly Sanctuary. Why are there so many misconceptions on this uniquely Seventh Day Adventist pillar of faith?

Mikey was raised in church and accepted Christ at an early age, but began to have some questions that Christians did not have good answers for. Their lack of answers only added to his skepticism and he began to seek for truth in other directions including witchcraft. The Power of…


In Episode 14 we discuss the beautiful guidelines God has provided for us to have excellent discernment, which is especially important for the momentous times we are living in and for the events coming upon the earth.