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The Majority of the Christian World are worshipping this IDOL.

The time has come to ask the question….has The Everlasting Gospel Failed?

Mikel Morrison will share how he Overcome homelessness and drug addiction through the Power of God. Don’t miss out! #Homeless #ChristianTestimony #JesusSaves

The moment of crisis: In this sermon we compare the reactions of God’s people to the current events and the coming crisis with those of Jesus’ disciples regarding the events and the moment of crisis associated with the arrest and crucifixion of our Lord. Are there parallels we can draw…


To endure the Final Crisis…we must understand the Mystery of Godliness. (Filmed @ Amazing Discoveries Studios)

In Episode 23 we answer some questions that we received, such as: Is oil a fossil fuel? Where should we draw the line on political involvement? Was Jesus crucified on Wednesday or Friday? What is the difference between imputed and imparted righteousness? Were lucifer and his angels cast out before…