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Exposing the Demons of Anime’ Full-Length Documentary COMING SOON! Here’s a sneak peek of the Gnostic message of Dragon Ball. Many more animes will be exposed in our upcoming Full-Length documentary exposing anime. #DBZ #Satanic #Exposed

Kanye West, well known producer and artist who compiled the album “Jesus is King” in the year 2019, has recently announced that he will be running for president of the United States of America. After all that has happened from the beginning of year 2020 to present time, with the…


Battlefield Hollywood is exposing the idolatry and the occult agenda in the movie-making industry. How are television and movies influence our brains? what does it mean for us as individuals? Answers to this questions can you find in this documentary. False System of Worship Home Hypnotist web Coming Out of…


From the Simpsons to Netflix’s Messiah and now a new indie drama called Habit, Hollywood is taking the portrayal of Jesus to new (blasphemous) levels. #ParisJackson #Jesus #Habit