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New Age to Christ – Leah’s Testimony | LED Live

Leah tried Kundalini meditation to overcome anxiety, and it WORKED! She began communicating with spirit guides and angels and was such an advocate for the practice that she started a YouTube Channel called ‘Leah For The Light’ to promote the New Age… That is until God opened her eyes to the TRUTH!

The Mark of the Beast [Bible Prophecy Movie]

The Mark of the Beast – the most urgent warning in all of human history. Many Christians are confused on what this mysterious Mark is. This knowledge is essential because whoever receives the mark will be eternally destroyed. We will go straight to the Bible to reveal with 100% certainty, the Mark of the Beast, and how you can avoid it! The full-production movie will also reveal the Fall of Lucifer, Plan of Salvation, the Law of God, the Seal of God, the Antichrist, the Change of the Sabbath, and the Mark of the Beast. The most solemn truths ever entrusted to mortal minds will be revealed in this video. Please pray before watching.