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Simpsons Vorhersagen – Coronavirus / Event 201/ Paul Schreyer & c.o Die Simpsons haben es wieder getan oder? können die Macher der Simpsons tatsächlich in die Zukunft schauen? Wer kennt überhaupt die Zukunft? Quelle: Die Wahrheit ist einzig YouTube Kanal

The Gnostic gospels sprung out of Christianity in the 2nd century. Biblical truths were inverted. They taught that the creator God was evil and that the serpent in the garden of Eden was actually good. Hollywood has long used Bible stories as themes in movies. But are they telling the…


Der Angriff – Yoga,Star Wars, New Age, Hollywood & Co. Ein Blick hinter den Vorhang des NewAge Quelle: Die Wahrheit ist einzig

We make judgments based on what we see. How do we know those are correct or not? Science tells us we often make quick moral judgments based on appearances, but often times those assumptions are incorrect. The world prepares us visuals but along with those come messages. The messages are…


One of the most powerful testimonies of a man who was once in the line of Hindu brahmins . . . . but whose eyes were opened, and he was set free. And through the great love, grace and power of our Almighty God, brother Rabi Maharaj is now a…


A Documentary about the christianization of eastern practices like Yoga.