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In Episode 28 we study the book of Ezekiel to see how it pertains to events taking place in the World such as the peace agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirates, and what we can possibly expect in the times ahead. Links for further study: Global News YouTube Channel…


Are false spirits invading the church? -All parts of this shocking documentary in one video. -High quality version.

In Episode 27 we discuss the controversial subject of the coronavirus vaccine, how it might be distributed and if it could become mandatory. We also discuss how the vaccine relates to the mark of the beast and climate change.

An interview with Roger Morneau who tells the story of how God rescued him from the world of luciferianism and demon worship. ➤ Defeating Demons, Devils, and Evil Spirits https://www.amazingfacts.org/media-li… ➤ Ghost Truth Website – https://www.ghosttruth.com ➤ Bible Verses for Deliverance from Demonic Oppression https://www.amazingfacts.org/bible-st… ➤ Is The Devil In…


In Episode 26 we conclude our discussion on possible depopulation. We look at the new normal being advocated for life after the coronavirus and we discuss the possibilities of human enhancement. We also conclude our study on Revelation 11 and Revelation 18.

This topic can be a bit confusing. Trinity? Godhead? Three Gods in one? I hope this Video Bible Study and Bible Study guide help explain how these three exist as one- In purpose, in love, in unity and in our salvation.