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The Antichrist: 10 Proofs from the Bible! [It Exists TODAY]

The Antichrist. This very word has been the source of fascination and intrigue for thousands of years. This mysterious being will be at the center of end-time Bible prophecy, and will even be responsible for the infamous Mark of the Beast. It is critical that we accurately identify this power. Numerous theories have swarmed about who the Antichrist truly is. In this video, we will provide no speculation or rumors, but will go right to the Bible to identify this Antichrist power. We should be grateful to Jesus for giving us the message of warning and love! This video exposes great deception, and I ask that you please pray before watching it.

CORONAVIRUS: The WORST Is yet to Come ☠️

Coronavirus infections keep rising and scientists are warning that this could turn into a full-blown pandemic. Whether or not the coronavirus gets contained still remains to be seen. But did you know that end time Bible prophecy warns of another pandemic that is going to infect humanity? It is the first plague in Revelation 16:1-2, which is painful and incurable sores. All who accept the mark of the beast will be affected by it. And if that’s not bad enough, six more devastating plagues follow! Watch this video to learn more!

Africa – Continent Of Origin – With Walter Veith

AFRICA – is a documentary that was filmed in the last few years with extensive travels in 9 African countries.
EPISODE ONE is the amazing life-conversion-story of Walter Veith, packed with a huge amount of nature scenes during the production time.
Order from: dvd@amazingdiscoveries.co.za – 072 500 3934
For a full list of DVD’s available in South Africa go to: