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Teil 2 der Serie “Zukunft Erde”, in diesem Fall über die Corona Krise und die neue Weltordnung. Quelle: Der Laute Ruf

Das Thema in dieser Folge ist die letzte große Trübsal. Was wissen wir darüber? Quelle: amazing discoveries

➤ Watch Revelation: The Bride, The Beast, and Babylon – https://www.amazingfacts.org/media-li… The battle between good and evil affects every life on earth—including yours. Take a spectacular journey back through time and trace the transformation of a perfect angel into Satan and learn how he led an army of angels in…


In Episode 32 we discuss the Climate clock, or as some call it, Doomsday Clock in New York. We look at lock down rules implemented around the world, and discuss some of the speeches made at the United Nations. We also discuss what is being said about the nomination of…


In this special episode the new encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” by Pope Francis is discussed. Is this encyclical setting the stage for what is to come? Is it getting rid of your individuality for the sake of the common good? Does it do away with private property for redistribution of wealth…