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This movie is talking about the real origin of the UFO Phenomenon and why it is pushed in the media so much lately. There is a hidden agenda behind this, and it is possible, that in the next years there will be a big revealing of sightings around the world.…


For thousands of years, earth has been visited by beings seemingly from another world. Unexplainable flying and cloaking technology is now being publicly investigated by military personnel. What or who are flying these advanced crafts? Does the Bible have answers for us? Are we seeing prophecy come true? Find out…


Simpsons Vorhersagen – Coronavirus / Event 201/ Paul Schreyer & c.o Die Simpsons haben es wieder getan oder? können die Macher der Simpsons tatsächlich in die Zukunft schauen? Wer kennt überhaupt die Zukunft? Quelle: Die Wahrheit ist einzig YouTube Kanal

Pandemic, Politics, Papacy, and Prophecy: Year End Review with Doug Batchelor

Teil 2 der Serie “Zukunft Erde”, in diesem Fall über die Corona Krise und die neue Weltordnung. Quelle: Der Laute Ruf