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Ein Gespräch mit Olaf Schröer und Ronny Schreiber über prophetische Ereignisse der Gemeinde in den letzten Tageb.

In Episode 29 we discuss questions such as: the identity of the rider on the white horse from Revelation; why is Sabbath from sunset to sunset and not sunrise to sunrise; how will a universal Sunday Law death decree work over different timelines; what is the difference between 7th day…


esus kam, damit wir die Fülle des Lebens haben – Glück, das bleibt, und inneren Frieden, den uns niemand nehmen kann. Aber wie finde ich zu Jesus? Diese Vortragsreihe basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Buch “Schritte zu Jesus” von E.G.White

Revelation 13 tells about a crisis that is coming upon the earth. Many people will take the mark of the beast because they will lean upon their own understanding and deceive themselves into going along with Satan’s plan, even believing that their disobedience to God is righteousness. How could they…


Paul Washer is founder of the HeartCry Missionary Society. HeartCry is a missionary society with one great and overriding passion: that God’s Name be Great among the Nations (Malachi 1:11) and that the Lamb receive the full reward for His suffering (Revelation 7:9-10).