KANYE For PRESIDENT: PROPHECY Fulfilled??? | SFP – Bible Study

KANYE For PRESIDENT: PROPHECY Fulfilled??? | SFP – Bible Study

Kanye West, well known producer and artist who compiled the album “Jesus is King” in the year 2019, has recently announced that he will be running for president of the United States of America. After all that has happened from the beginning of year 2020 to present time, with the virus and the police brutality and the racism across the world, racial tension flaring up with the BLM black lives matter movement; with all the riots and violence and looting going on lately, Kanye running for president is not really surprising. What does Bible prophecy have to say about what is happening in the world today concerning the presidential run of the USA in the year 2020? Is this the beginning of the mark of the beast? will we see the antichrist act upon what is going on today? What does the book of Revelation have to say about these apocalyptic events? Watch as the Holy Spirit leads us as we divide the Word of God properly, and with precept upon precept, locate where we are in the end times.

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