2300 Day Prophecy: Judgment Day is HERE! [2020]

2300 Day Prophecy: Judgment Day is HERE! [2020]

The 2300 Day Prophecy reveals to us that Judgment Day is here! It is found in Daniel chapters 8 and 9, and contains the 70 week prophecy of the Messiah. Your eternal life hinges on a proper understanding of the 2300 days – the most important prophecy in all the Bible! In this video, you will learn powerful insights into the plan of Salvation, including Jesus’ current role in Heaven, and your personal duty during these final days! This video will reveal the time in which the judgment in Heaven began, and will provide all the Biblical evidence! I believe you will gain a greater confidence in the Bible, a stronger love for Jesus, and be better prepared for earth’s final events as you watch this video! May God lead and bless you in your walk with Him!


Dustin Pestlin Hope Through Prophecy


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