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Minute 00:24 – Ubays zusätzliches Koranmaterial -Ubays quranic material-

in the text of Ubayy ibn Ka’b were the Fatihal-kitab -the Opening
Surah- and the Mu’awwi-thatayni -the Charm Surahs- and Allahumma innaa
nasta’iinka -the opening words of Suratul-Khal’ meaning ‘O Allah, we
seek your help’- and Allahumma ayyaaka na’budu -the opening words of
Suratul-Hafd meaning ‘O Allah, we worship you’-“.
As-Suyuti, Al-Itqan fii Ulum al-Qur’an, p. 153

Minute 00:49 – Ubay ist der beste Koranrezitierer -Ubai is the best Quran reciter-
Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 8 : Narrated by Ibn Abbas
said, “Our best Qur’an reciter is Ubai and our best judge is ‘Ali; and
in spite of this, we leave some of the statements of Ubai because Ubai
says, ‘I do not leave anything that I have heard from Allah’s Apostle
while Allah: -AB HIER NICHT MEHR VORGELESEN- “Whatever verse
-Revelations- do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten but We bring a
better one or similar to it.” -2.106-

Unser bester
Koranrezitierer ist Ubai, unser bester Richter ist Ali. Dennoch haben
wir von dem was Ubai rezitiert, etwas weggelassen. Ubai sagt: ,Ich lasse
nichts was ich von Allahs Apostel gehört habe.‘ … Sure 2,106

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Zaid took from one wittness:
Zaid nahm von nur einem Zeugen Korantexte:
Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 6, Book 61, Number 509, 510, 511 usw.

Minute 02:28 – Die unterschiedlichen Orte mit unterschiedlichen Koranversionen -Different Qurans in different regions-
said, “I took part in the expedition against Armenia where there were
Iraqis as well as Syrians. But the Syrians follow the reading of the
Qur’an according to Ubai ibn Ka`b, and they say some things which the
Iraqis have not heard, so the latter accuse them of unbelief. In the
same way the Iraqis, who follow the reading of Ibn Mas`ud, read some
things which the Syrians have not heard, and the Syrians accuse
them of unbelief. Restrain this people before they differ in the book, as do the Jews and the Christians.”

Tafsir, vol. 1, p. 20: cited from W. Campbell, The Qur’an and the Bible in Light of History and Science, p.110f

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