satan's Sinister Science

satan's Sinister Science – satan’s Sinister Science is television programming. TV is an excellent tool to program the mind. It provides easy access to the subconscious, reduces your ability to analyze incoming information and ensures constant daily exposure via a physical addiction.

The main concern with watching TV is that you have no control over what is coming into your mind. Somethings may be good, whilst others may be bad. This relates to what you consciously see, but there are greater concerns regarding the things you don’t see:

Television may have more control over your life than you realize.
Are subliminal messages/suggestions being hidden in advertisements, such as the word RATS used by the Bush campaign on an Al Gore advert?

Are words and phrases being used in specifically crafted ways to influence your thoughts? Terror alert, fair and balanced etc.

Is TV creating a sense of fear within the subconscious affecting growth and healing of the body? i.e. the constant exposure to death murder on the daily news.

Does TV make the general population feel powerless and inadequate by surrounding them with beautiful, slim and rich celebrities who people then compare themselves against?


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