Mary Worship – destroying Europe

Mary Worship – destroying Europe

This is an old Truth Provided Audio Clip I did back in June of 2003 regarding Rome’s stealthy demands upon the Roman Catholic people to bow in worship to Mary. Yes, the Catholic people claim repeatedly that they don’t worship her. And most of them are being as honest as they know how because their church leaders refuse to define what biblical worship means. So, when you hear what the Popes say about Mary, and see what the people do in obedience, yes, they are worshiping Mary just as the Pagan’s of old worshiped the Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah 7:18. And Jeremiah proclaimed that this was an act that provoked God to anger. By the way… have you noticed how bad its gotten for Europe since Pope John Paul II dedicated that continent to Mary. Reminds us of how bad it got for Russia after the Pope dedicated them to Mary too eh?

For more Papal quotes and info on “Mary Worship” as Rome demands, see


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