Final World War! Heed The Rise And Fall Of Jehu

Final World War! Heed The Rise And Fall Of Jehu

Hold! Hold! Hold! Hold! is the emphatic cry of the sealing angel. The four winds are mercifully being restrained until God’s servants are sealed. However, it is evident that these winds are gradually being released even now and are soon to be unleashed in relentless totality when the wrath of God is finally poured out without mixture upon unrepentant sinners. The enactment of the Mark of the Beast is the event that precipitates God’s wrath, and all the world events currently taking place indicate that the long-awaited and foretold of crisis is imminent. Even among those in the world, as they observe the restless relations existing between the nations, see that the world is indeed on the verge of a stupendous crisis. While the four winds, which represent not only devastating calamities/disasters but also the various nations striving for world supremacy, are being held in check, those individuals who will be sealed by God must be in such a condition that they can be trusted with God’s seal and anointed to the special work of heralding the final messages of mercy to the world.

At this time, while Satan is inciting the nations to war for the purpose of diverting the minds of God’s people from the work of preparation, many of the preachers, teachers, and leaders among God’s denominated people are negligent in preparing the flock for the close of probation and the events surrounding it; rather they are preaching/promoting messages of peace and safety. Which of the calls will you heed- the three angels’ messages or the popular, smooth messages? Which message will you give both by precept and example? Let us learn from the fate of Jehu the sad lesson of allowing pride to cause our downfall and eternal demise. Once anointed, appointed, and mightily used by God to carry forward a work of reform, Jehu allowed pride and self-love to eventually entice him to commit the very sins that he so vehemently warred against. Let us allow God to anoint us with His seal so that we can be steadfast, unmovable, and fully settled into Christ and His truth, both spiritually and intellectually. 



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