Sunday Law News Report – Image of the Beast – Part 2

Sunday Law News Report – Image of the Beast – Part 2

Part 1: – This week the Sunday Law News Report discusses the Image of the Beast Part 2.

In the twentieth century, there are two groups especially leading out in the urging of a National Sunday Law. Both are church organizations. The first of these is a Protestant interfaith association called The Lord’s Day Alliance.

This vigorous inter-church religious group which has as its members most of America’s protestant denominations. The Lord’s Day Alliance has as its primary objective, the enactment of an ironclad, heavily enforced, National Sunday Law here in America. The other major organization which has a special claim on Sunday, is of course the Roman Catholic Church.

These two mega forces pack a one-two punch in the fight for the passing of a Sunday Law.

According its official website, “The Lord’s Day Alliance of the United States exists to encourage Christians to reclaim the Sabbath–the Lord’s Day–as a day of spiritual and personal renewal, enabling them to impact their communities with the Gospel.”

I would say the time has come for God’s remnant people to prepare for the prophesied time of trouble, won’t you agree? Let’s get ready, Saints.


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