Pope & U.N. Share Goals: World & Church Ripe For N.S.L

Pope & U.N. Share Goals: World & Church Ripe For N.S.L

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Daniel 11:40 foretells the return of the King of the North, the Papacy, as a whirlwind, denoting rapidity, and intensity, to overthrow the ruling principles of the King of the South–atheism, and immorality. It is quite evident that both Satanic powers (kings) are now striving for the mastery, and America is polarized as a result. As the prevalence and legalization of secularism and licentiousness become even more apparent, we also see and hear an outcry from Americans calling for this nation to return to God in the form of prayer, worship, and moral/religious legislation. Students of Bible Prophecy understand that the end result of the legalization of morality is the establishment of the National Sunday Law to be initiated first in America and then to spread to the various other countries, with persecution for dissenters. Both the world and the church are being systematically conditioned to receive the Mark of the Beast. The question that each one of us must ponder is, “will I be overthrown with the MANY that will bow at this crisis?” Let us watch and pray!


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