Greek police clash with protesters angry at Sunday shopping

Greek police clash with protesters angry at Sunday shopping

Police pushed and shoved protesters in Athens’ busiest shopping
district, using pepper spray to break them up on the day of a nationwide

The protesters, among them retail employees, were angry
at the government’s plan which allows shops to open on Sunday. They say
the move mainly benefits large chains while harming small family-owned

Despite the officially-announced nationwide strike, shops in central Athens were open for business.

are told how Sunday trading hasn’t yielded the desired earnings for the
businesses involved. Shop assistants and retail employees are seen to
be exploited, as they work for long hours for virtually no money.

seems as though customers are only merely window shopping. Wages and
pensions have been cut by some forty percent as a result of the
government’s austerity policies in the past four years, with the
unemployment affecting two million Greeks.

Consumer confidence
in austerity-afflicted Greece remains a pictorial puzzle, bearing in
mind that up to fifty percent of the country’s half-million retail
workers haven’t been paid in up to 18 months while many retailers say
keeping up with Sunday trading doesn’t even pay for running costs.


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