Sunday Law News Report – Hail Mary

Sunday Law News Report – Hail Mary – This week the Sunday Law News Report examines why people say, Hail Mary. There’s no doubt about it, there’s a Mary revival going on in Protestant circles. The dividing wall that has solidly separated Catholics and Protestants is rapidly coming down. The Virgin Mary is the glue that is binding them together.

A growing number of Protestant theologists have concluded that their previous stance on the subject of Mary needs to be changed.

Arguments on the Virgin Mary’s behalf have appeared in a flurry of
scholarly essays and popular articles. Some publications have even gone

so far as to devote an entire cover story on the subject. Seventh-day Adventists know that the two primary constituent elements of spiritualism—the natural immortality of the soul and
communication with the spirits of the dead, meaning Virgin Mary and the “saints,” are both present in Marian theology.

Just as Ellen White predicted, and in the fulfillment of prophecy,
spiritualism is the adhesive that is bringing Protestantism and
Catholicism into closer contact with each other.


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