S.D.A Quarterly, Jezebel's Table, Order of Friars

S.D.A Quarterly, Jezebel's Table, Order of Friars

God’s people are facing a tremendous crisis in these final moments of earth’s history; and only those who are studying God’s Word and earnestly praying will be able to meet the impending crisis. It is unfortunate that even in God’s remnant church, the SDA church, the foods (literally and symbolically) from Jezebel’s table are being presented and widely accepted and greedily consumed on a daily basis. As these foods and wines are being ingested, people are led to forget God’s law, pervert the judgment (Proverbs 31:4 and 5), and thus receive absolutely no dew nor rain (former or latter rain). Why eat from Jezebel’s table, the Papacy and the apostate Protestant churches? Why study and meditate upon the writings of men from the Order of Friars, a Roman Catholic society, when the Lord has a nice spread for His people? As you partake of the Lord’s table and forsake Jezebel’s table, you indeed will receive the refreshing that comes from the presence of the Lord.


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