Local SDA Church Accepts Pope's Call For Ecumenism

Local SDA Church Accepts Pope's Call For Ecumenism

The involvement of Seventh-day institutions with ministers, teachers, books, and ideologies from Babylon is an ongoing trend that we need to be aware of, so that we can stay clear of these unlawful unions that tend to undermine faith in God’s words; thus resulting in God withholding the dew and the rain, His holy Spirit and present-truth doctrines from His professed people.

Breaking News: “Auburn Christian groups hold ecumenical Lenten services”
Six churches — St. Teresa of Avila, Auburn Presbyterian, Auburn Seventh-day Adventist, Bethlehem Lutheran, First Congregational and Pioneer United Methodist — will conduct Lenten worship every Wednesday, starting March 5 and ending April 9.
Each group will host one day and will feature a guest pastor from a different church.
Pastor Dan Appel of Auburn Seventh-day Adventist said he believes that the collaboration among organizations will bring about good faith among Auburn Christians.
“I think the intent was to just give the people the opportunity to get acquainted with other pastors,” Appel said. “So often, people hear the same speaker over and over again. This gives people the chance to get better acquainted. There is also an attempt to show that while we may have theological differences with each other, we still respect each other as followers of God.”

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