Licentiousness Enters SDA Schools & Churches Defying G.C. Guidelines

Licentiousness Enters SDA Schools & Churches Defying G.C. Guidelines

Recent developments within Seventh-day Adventist institutions indicate that God’s once peculiar people have conformed not only to the practices but also to the ideologies of the world as it relates to confronting the issue of homosexuality. The Netherlands Union Conference officially stated that a homosexual lifestyle simply falls short of God’s ideal, and that’s perfectly fine, because all of us do; implying that there need be no change of such a lifestyle. While at Andrews University, a conference was held between the school’s faculty (including its president) and LGBTI students and supporters. The conclusion of the meeting was that individuals within the LGBTI community should not be encouraged to convert from their lifestyle, but rather should find a “safe environment” in SDA churches wherein they should be allowed to have and retain their membership; which goes against General Conference President Ted Wilson’s guidelines of how to deal with members in this community.

It is evident that the church is facing a crisis. The question is, how will the worldwide church deal with such issues, especially when discrimination lawsuits are brought against them. Will John 11:48-53 be repeated, wherein church leaders proposed (and later carried out) the execution of Christ? Will church leadership sacrifice the truth in order to preserve their reputation, status, and position? one only has to look at the previous track record concerning past issues and controversies to conjecture what may be the sad conclusion. Let us watch and pray and also examine ourselves that we on a personal level do not compromise one iota of truth to find favor with the world.


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