Babylon is fallen: Simon Magus, the Vatican's first pope

Babylon is fallen: Simon Magus, the Vatican's first pope

Was Simon Peter the first pope of the church of Rome? In Acts 8:9-11; 18-20, the apostles met a sorcerer by the name of Simon Magus from Samaria. This is the same Simon Magus who later became the first pope of the church of Rome. Simon Magus was a self-glorifying sorcerer. Are we not seeing the same with the Roman pontiffs?

The father of lies, satan, has his agent in place, the antichrist pope, to lead his new world order, along with the second beast of Revelation 13 — the United States — along with a myriad of secret societies. This video on who the first Roman pontiff shows the deceitfulness and craftiness of satan and his main agent: the antichrist pope of the Vatican, which is satan’s home.

Soon, the antichrist pope, under satan’s influence, will enforce his mark:

“Sunday is our MARK of authority […] the church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact.” — Catholic Record of London, Ontario, September 1, 1923.

Those who will choose the papal day of rest — the day of the sun or Sunday — over God’s commanded 7th day Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11) will receive the mark (Sunday) of the beast (Vatican). Those who do will meet a dreadful outcome as mentioned in Revelaiton 14:9-11 as they will have chose man’s commandment over God’s sacred fourth commandment.


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