Jesuitism versus Protestantism, The Final Showdown

Jesuitism versus Protestantism, The Final Showdown

Like never before God’s people and the world need to be reading, studying, analyzing, and assimilating the principles found in the book The Great Controversy. This book like no other, unveils Satan’s working in the past, present, and future, and tells us how we can detect and stay clear of his devices. This book calls upon men and women to continue the protest that was begun since the inception of sin, carried forward under Elijah, John the Baptist, Wycliffe, Luther, and countless others, and to be ended with this final generation of faithful Seventh-day Adventists. This sermon reveals the vital tenants of protestantism and challenges us with the question, “Are you really a protestant Christian” or have you given up your protest and joined with Jesuitism and spiritualism?


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