The Power of The Papacy Exposed.

The Power of The Papacy Exposed.

The Black Pope controls and Picks the Pope , The Black Pope is chosen by Professed High 4th vow Jesuits. The Black pope controls all Intelligence Agency’s mostly through its High Provincials and The Archbischops , The Black Pope oversees ALL High level Freemasonry , There are many Jesuit Universities around the world under Jesuit Alumni , The Jesuit Order is a Military Organization from the day it was founded !

The Black Pope controls also The Maffia. The Policeforce and Justice supreme Courts through The Blue and Red mass etc etc , The Pope controls all the Archbischops Knighthoods. This is their system The Banking world is controlled by The Knights of malta , Knights of The Equestrian order , Knights of the Constantinian Order , The Order of St Merit , The Knights of The British Empire , Opus Dei (and More) and High Level Freemasonry. The UN , CFR , Trilateral Commission , Bilderberg group , Chatham House and Club of Rome are at the top all controlled by The Black Pope and The Pope

The Jesuit order was created to counter reformate the Protestant Reformation because the Papacy lost Political power over many countries , that’s exactly wht they designed The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry under the banner of being protestant.

When Pope Clement XIV banned them world wide by a Papal Bull in 1773 they were desperate and created the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776. This is were the Rothschilds come into the picture.

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