The Hollywood Fantasy Factory

The Hollywood Fantasy Factory – The Hollywood Fantasy Factory is one of the greatest threats to our society today. Mankind is being threatened not by air pollution, or water pollution, but MIND POLLUTION. For the first time in history, man has been given an instrument through which the masses can be taught and controlled effectively, immediately, and effortlessly.

That instrument is TELEVISION. TV is the most devastating, brain washing device ever unleashed upon humanity. The television is the devil’s instrument and is used for the destruction of the soul, for the erosion of morality and the degradation of nations.

Have you ever heard of the word, vicarious? The dictionary defines the word vicarious as “experiencing in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.”

Once the tv or movie image is viewed, the incredible intimate relationship of mind and body begins to produce physical reactions. With the speed of electricity, the brain sends off a message alerting the entire body to the action that is happening on screen. Even though you may be mature enough to know that what you’re looking at
is only a pretend situation, yet you can become as emotionally involved
in the scene as if you were actually living out the experience.

Our heart pounds with fright, our eyes fill tears, and vicariously we’re mentally projecting ourselves into the scene.

Now try to imagine the fantastic strategy of Satan in his use of the television and movie. It staggers the mind even to think about it. Here is a situation in which the devil inspires one act of simulated sin. For example a make believe portrayal of adultery.

Through his manipulation of emotions, Satan can turn that one acted out sin
into a million real sins of adultery because a million people in darkened movie theatres around the world will project themselves into the picture and in their subconscious it is not make believe, it is so real that even their bodies react. The moral responsibility for those vicarious actions every individual will have to face in the judgment.


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