Sunday Law News Report – Family Day

Sunday Law News Report – Family Day – The promotion of Sunday as family day is the start of the National Sunday Law. The pope desires that all families have a work free Sunday.

Families should be free from work so that, on Sunday, children could be
together with their parents and relatives and go to church as well.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want a social day devoted to families? It sounds like a perfectly harmless suggestion, until we hear the next statement from the pontiff.

“The pope also suggests that we should discover the true meaning of Sunday observance on this family day.” In other words, he is saying that family day and Sunday rest must be considered the same.

When the pope says that we should have Sunday as
a day of rest for the family, he is promoting the counterfeit, unbiblical day of rest. Sunday means the s-u-n day, and not the S-O-N day.

Make no mistake. The enforcement of this “family day” is the beginning of persecution for all who pay homage to God, by keeping His true Sabbath day holy.


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