Sunday Law News Report – Shabbat in Israel

Sunday Law News Report – Shabbat in Israel – On Saturday, which is the Shabbat, in recent years, more and more Israelis are shopping in malls on the Shabbat.

Places of entertainment, such as movie theaters and clubs, generally remain open on the Shabbat. In addition, coffee shops, and especially restaurants and bars along the beach are full of lively crowds.

As a result, a proposal to extend the weekend past Shabbat into Sunday has made it past Israel’s Prime Minister. They’re calling for a shorter work week to get Sunday off.

Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom has long argued for a Sunday day off, in addition to the Shabbat. Now the Sunday off plan might soon be going into effect. A committee, appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is set to meet after having first met with Shalom’s staff to discuss ways to test the proposal.

Under the current situation, many Israelis take advantage of Shabbat, their only day off, to go shopping and perform other tasks that violate the holiness of the Sabbath. The idea is that with an implementation of a Sunday day off, Jews will return to keeping the Shabbat.

This is satan’s plan to get the Jewish nation to make light of the Sabbath and to hoodwink a traditionally Sabbath keeping nation into keeping Sunday. Make a note that the proposal to keeping Sunday is to help the nation respect the Sabbath, but is that possible?


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