Sunday Law News Report – The Beast Rider

Sunday Law News Report – The Beast Rider – The woman who rides the beast is openly showing off her power. The European Union chose the symbol of the building of the tower of Babel to represent their union and also for the design of their parliament building in Strasbourg, Austria, the official seat of the European Parliament.

They also chose the symbol of a woman riding a beast to represent Europe on coins, stamps, sculptures and paintings. They have symbolically assumed the title of Babylon.

Interestingly, seat number 666 of 785 in the E.U parliament is never occupied. Hmmm.

There is a Bronze Statue of a Woman Riding a Beast. Located outside the Brussels headquarters of the Council of Europe. The beast is riding on waves, copying the beast coming out of the sea (Revelation 13:1).

Is that plain enough, Saint? Can you see how the beast is brazenly flaunting her power? Can you see how God’s Word prophecies, “All the world wonders after the beast?”

If you can plainly see this, then what is your response? I pray that you will understand that this is serious times in which we live.


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