Inside Satan's Gay Factory

Inside Satan's Gay Factory – Homosexuality is now considered cool. By that I mean, there are more and more gay people who are admired, and looked up to than ever before.
Satan seems to be turning people into gays by the millions. How come?

Inside this edition of the Advent Bible we’ll expose the devil’s dastardly plan to turn young boys into homosexuals. This is Satan’s Gay Factory.

The Toronto gay pride parade is probably the biggest in North America. It’s amazing that when it first began twenty years ago, there were just a few dozen people in the parade. Today this annual spectacle draws gay people from far and near.

Celebrities in movies and television are popping up publicly declaring themselves to be gay. There’s an insidious plot underway to turn little boys and girls into girly-men and mannish women. The devil made me do it takes on a whole new meaning.


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