CNN claims Sunday is the Seventh Day

CNN claims Sunday is the Seventh Day

CNN, and no doubt many other large corporations, are now putting up calendars that show Sunday as the seventh day. Why do they this you ask? When the Loud Cry gets louder, we the remnant people will be exposing the lie about the Sunday Sabbath because breaking commandment #4 is what our generation has been taught to do by Rome. Just like in Daniel’s or Esther’s day, the devil always looks for ways to manipulate the Law of God to get the people of God to join in sin. In our generation, it just so happens he is going after commandment #4. And yes, that was prophesied as well in Psalm 119:126, Isaiah58:12,13 and Daniel 7:25 just to name a few. But if you would like an in depth look at all the prophetic facts surrounding the Sabbath day and the prophesied attack upon it, go to..


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