Sunday Law News Report – Obama Deception

Sunday Law News Report – Obama Deception – Is Barack Obama in prophecy? Are there Bible prophecies that Barack Obama is fulfilling? Are there end time prophecies that Barack Obama seems to fit? Are there 2013 predictions related to Barack Obama? Will Barack Obama cause the end of the world?

I’m not a Democrat nor a Republican. I’m totally apolitical, but I read and observe, and I’ve come to one conclusion: Jesus coming is near.

The president is in favour of abortion, gay rights, gay marriage, and supports LGBT. He has nominated four new openly-gay ambassadors to key posts around the world (including Spain, Australia and Denmark) as part of the administration’s ongoing celebrations of “June 2013 Gay Pride Month” — bringing the total to eight gay ambassadors.

Is Barack Obama the president who will be a catalyst for this life? I don’t know. All I’m saying is we need to study Bible prophecy in light of what’s currently going on in the United States and abroad.

Don’t be deceived by Obama’s charm and brilliant smile. Behind it all is a cold, calculating mind that is being controlled by an invisible puppet…and we all know who that is.


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