Sunday Law News Report – Ecumenical Movement

Sunday Law News Report – Ecumenical Movement – A recent news report states that in addition to the usual mix of Anglicans, Lutherans and Methodists, the Pope astonishingly met Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus in his continuing efforts to form a one world religion.

Prophecy is being filled before our very eyes!

The two visible “councils” that are involved in pushing the inter-faith, ecnumenical movement are the “World Council of Churches” and the “National Council of Churches.”

Together with the Roman Catholic Church, these church councils are bringing more and more denominations on board with this movement.

Before, we saw through telescopes the National Sunday Law appearing on the distant horizon. Then a few years ago we saw it coming by by looking through ordinary binoculars. Now we don’t even need eyeglasses to see a National Sunday Law rushing down upon us.


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