Member of european Parliament says„that Geoengineering have been already started

Member of european Parliament says„that Geoengineering have been already started

The German Member of the European Parliament and Representative of the
European Green Party Werner Schulz says, that the Geoengineering —
experiment has already been started.

He is also a member of the Committee for foreign policies in the European Parliament and belongs to the E.P. since 2009.

April 9. 2013, a Geoengineering- hearing with 48 members from 16
nations, members of the European Parliament, the SKYGUARDS–
Organisation and with the promotion from the European “Greens” and the
“European Free Alliance in the parliament” takes place in the European
Parliament- Building.
This meeting was connected with a hearing in
the European Parliament- Building, that takes place in 1998/99 and which
called the HAARP “Ionospheric Heater” a “Climate- influencing weapon of

Extract from the speech of the german MEP Werner Schulz.
says: “They think, that they can save this Planet with the help from
nuclear energy, genetic engineered food and with Geoengineering.
is always the same that they try to dam the excess and the consequences
of the growth — ideology, of this growth– madness and the consequences
of the industrialisation with technological means.
In this respect, I
am very glad, that you are here to deal with this effects, the effects
from Geoengineering and Geo– Climating and the promise that they can
get the heating of the Climate under control. And also to minimize the
CO2– concentration and to stop the acidification of the oceans.
And at the same time they are interestet and involved in this technology for military means.
my opinion it is very important to have an active civil society to
search for informations, to put these things into the light, to warn for
the dangers and to force the governments to deal with this things in a
honest way.
And that this experiment, which has already been
started– it is not only to talk about research; here and now it is
practice, the sky already is been processed.
A citizens– movement (in Germany), called “Clean Sky”, is dealing with (Geoengineering).
is very important for us that the civil society is dealing with this
things, for us this is an important matter……………
This interest and the engagement that you have, that these Geo-technics, this Geoengineering does not come to use.
I thank you for your engagement and I hope that you can bring some
knowledge to us in this exchange of experience with which we are able to
work on with and for which we will engage us in politics.

I thank you for your participation”.

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