He Knows – Eric & Monique

He Knows – Eric & Monique

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You can purchase Eric & Monique’s debut album ‘Pilgrim’ album from: http://www.ericandmonique.com/store
which includes ‘He Knows’. All photography* and music in this video
©Eric and Monique Johnson (*stock photo of the sparrow in the city was


He Knows
Lyrics & Music by Eric Johnson ©2009
Song based on Jeremiah 1:5; Luke 12:7; Matthew 7:21-23; Genesis 1-2

Verse 1
O Lord you know each heart
and search each soul
for what it holds
You know

Verse 2
O Lord your hear each thought
the very plot
of stories untold
You know

You are creator
our life sustainer
You are creator of all
You are creator
our life sustainer
God knows all

Verse 3
O Lord you formed us from
the dust of the ground
Your breath of love
made us

Verse 4
O Lord you see us rise
and when we fall
You call us home
You know



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