Living in Love – Randy Skeete

Living in Love – Randy Skeete

Eine englische, sehr interessante Vortragsserie!

Part 1:  Living the Good Life – What did Jesus mean when he said, “man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God?” Listen to
this sermon to find out how in this passage, Jesus gave us the clue to
living the good life.
Part 2: In His ImageWhen God made humanity “in His image,” He made us in the image of God —
not to become God, but to become godly. This is the standard for
Christians to aspire to — godliness, for which we have the perfect
example in Christ. In this lecture, Pastor Randy Skeete reveals the
purpose of the law, how it relates to God’s character, and the
importance of the law today. He challenges Christians to live according
to the same high standard that God set for humanity in the beginning.
Part 3: Above and Beyond – Are you following God’s law in your attitude as well as in your actions?
Learn how the Ten Commandments exercise authority first and foremost on
the level of thought, and then our behavior.
Part 4: Living Lawfully – Human beings are physical and moral creatures, which means we are under
physical and moral laws. Learn what these laws are and their
implications for our lives in this fascinating lecture!
Part 5: The Best of Everything – God chose the Israelites as His blessed people and gave them eight
privileges that set them apart from the rest of the world. Of these
privileges, one stood highest of all. The Bible identifies the chief
privilege in Romans 3:2 — the law of God, which is the very expression
of His will. Join Pastor Randy Skeete in this sermon as he explains that
God’s will for us is to live in accordance with His law, and this
should be our delight to do.
Part 6: A Gift from God – “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” What does your
heart say, and does this match God’s heart that He revealed to us
through His law?


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