Battlefield Hollywood Series (Englisch)

Battlefield Hollywood Series (Englisch)
Is Hollywood just “make believe?” or
Is there something they are trying to make you believe?

With today’s widespread media access, our minds are exposed to an
increasing amount of suggestibility. With televisions now in cars, cell
phones, checkout lines, billboards, gas pumps, and almost anywhere you
go, is it possible we are giving too much time to Hollywood instead of
God? Are we letting the programs we watch program our character?

This multi-media presentation will explore the scientific psychological
effects of television on the mind, discover why advertisements are so
effective, expose the hidden agendas behind some of the most popular
films, all the while shedding light on why this business is one of the
most dangerous tools the Devil is using to win the minds of the people.
If this war is being fought on the battlefield of our minds, how vital
is it to know the enemy’s plans? 

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Here are 6 Parts of a Series called “Battlefield Hollywood”  (not the original order) which are prepared in a Playlist. You can switch between every Part if you just click through it. (Black=Online, Red=Offline)

Part 1 Personal Testimonys
Hear 3 amazing Testimonys of People who was involved in these Industry. It makes clear how they know all these things!

Part 2 False System of Worship
Do some actors possess an out-of-this-world talent, or are they actually
possessed themselves? This lecture takes a looks at the phenomenon of
celebrity worship and the talent behind the masks.

Part 3 The Home Hypnotist
Does watching TV even affect us? Is there such thing as subliminal
advertising and does it work? This lecture uncovers the scientific side
of the entertainment industry.

Part 4 Coming out of Hollywood
What messages are the movies really relaying to us? This lecture
examines the common themes written between the lines of Hollywood’s

Part 5 Hollywood & Your Name
Does entertainment really affect you? Can you decipher the good from the
bad? This lecture sheds light on what the Bible has to say about
Hollywood’s effects

Part 6 The gnostic Gospel
See the occult involvment of the Movie Industy and how they spread these Teachings throgh the Movies


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Commentary from me: Everybody has to see this!  Sorry for the bad quality of part 6 but its not going better but you can understand everything if you want.

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