Sodom & Gomorrah Archaeological evidence

Sodom & Gomorrah Archaeological evidence

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real life adventure and journey to the most barren territories on this
planet. Join us as we consult Scientists, Geologists, Archaeologists and
Mineral experts. DON’T
WHY are there so many Christians who are like Doubting Thomas?

will refuse to believe something without direct, physical evidence when
presented with archaeological evidence confirming the Biblical stories
that we read? When archaeological finds confirm historical facts that
confirm Biblical history it all adds weight to being able to prove to
the world the accuracy of the Bible.

Even if Bible discoveries
can’t be fully explained why would any believer want to disprove it just
because he can’t prove it? or does not believe it.

As Christians
we know that our mission is to intercept those who are sadly heading
for the Gates of Hell and each one of us need to be aware of the urgency
of the hour in saving our ‘neighbour’.

Bible Discoveries with
evidence of the accuracy of the Bible provide us with great tools when
we are witnessing to our ‘neighbour’.

Bible Discoveries are
important as they challenge the concept of evolution that is being
presented as factual in our schools and accepted by many as
scientifically backed up by evidence. Evolution leads to atheism.

Apostle Paul writes ‘Prove all things’ and this involves being open
minded to new discoveries that provide wide ranging evidence of the
accuracy of Gods Word.


If The Shroud of Turin
wasn’t that important then why would the Lord preserve the most
important event in the world on two cloths?

Why would Barry
Schwartz, a Jew, turn from his own faith to prove to the world that this
cloth was indeed the cloth that was wrapped around a tortured,
crucified man, clearly visible to our eyes today?

Is that why
God chose one of his own people a Jew, Barry Schwartz, to become the
greatest expert on The Shroud of Turin and prove not just to the world,
but his own people the Jews, that this cloth with a 3D Image of a man
was not created by any artistic means currently known to mankind. And
that it is impossible to create this 3D Image, showing that Jesus was
indeed crucified and resurrected. It supports and confirms the four
Gospels of the Bible and even with today’s technology still cannot be

Why would leading scientist, Ray Rogers, a director
of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STRP) conclude that the 14ft
long linen cloth was a fake. He was a spokesman against the authenticity
of the Turin Shroud and concluded the wrap was a medieval hoax.
Interestingly he has now concluded it could be the burial gown of

From beyond the grave he has admitted the shroud is far
older than results suggested — and could be the genuine article as many
Christians claim.
Read this article Click here

Jesus taught us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. (LUKE 10:27)

we using every tool the Lord has given us to prove to the unbeliever
that Gods word is true? No I don’t believe so. Is scepticism of new
discoveries that act as Gods tools in proving the Bible actually
standing in the way, which in return is condemning our neighbour and
widening the path to HELL?
Clearly we have been given these tools as believers, by the Lord to prove:

1- He loves the world John 3:16.

2- His word is true and can be proved


also have to ask ourselves why would Jesus warn us that believers in
the last days would turn from their faith. ‘At that time, many will turn
away from the faith and will betray and hate each other’. Matthew 24:10

I personally believe that one very good reason for believers turning away from the faith is because of weak faith.
Weak faith comes from weak or non-existent foundations.

Discoveries strengthens the believer as Archaeology proves the Bible,
helping to provide evidence which in turn shores up faith. There we have
another good reason why the Lord preserves Bible Discoveries.

more the believer believes, the less doubt he will have and then the
stronger he will be. But, if a believer is deceived into thinking
certain discoveries are false scepticism can weaken his faith. I find
the more discoveries I believe in the stronger I become. In fact, I find
Bible Discoveries are positive tools and resources that we as believers
can present particularly to those wanting evidence before they make a
step of faith.

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