Michael Jackson was a Satanist and Illuminati Puppet

Michael Jackson was a Satanist and Illuminati Puppet

Michael Jackson was demonic because he sold his sould to the devil.
Michael Jackson was already talented, but satan enhanced his gift even
more. And satan gave him power to cast spells on the audience with
satanic signs (in the same way he gave Jay Z the “triangle” or diamond”
symbol) such as “devil horns” and “666” signs. But Michael did them so
fast so no one noticed. And you were usually too distracted by a dance
move he was doing to notice. Michael was a magician and illusionist and
he spellbound his fans so they would love him and buy his records. If
you look very very close you will see Michael Jackson making satanic
signs in almost every song.


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Hello to people who published ans created this Video about Michael Jackson. I say thank you. It opened my eyes. I already had some doubts about lots of things Michael die. For example the way he is showing himself as an angel or big statue. I liked him ans ne thought he was such a poor man but now I could see again how horribly our world is. I am looking forward to see jesus in heaven. Unbelievable in what kind of world we are living. Greetongs from germany!

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