Reptillian Eyes is demonic Possession

Reptillian Eyes is demonic Possession

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I DO NOT endorse Double-Agent Russel Pine (AKA Jordan Maxwell) who is a
purveyor of Rat Poison, he gives you lots of truth to bait you which is
accurate at times, and then programs you with masonic-aquarian
perspectives if you don’t pick up his game because of not having God’s
Eyesight (His Word). He is VERY deceptive and it seems only those who
are truly being led by the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD see thru his game. He has
demons guiding him also, compare everyone to the Word of God and you
will find the truth.

Remember, they (the fallen ones and their
their lower hierarchical demons) will be coming up from the Abyss, the
Word of God is the FINAL authority and whatever does not align with the
Word of God in this video.. be CIRCUMSPECT as Jesus warned, test all

Fallen Angels can appear as their original form or
another manifestation, whether it be a man, a animal or an object, for
any object can have demons imparted into it. They have to be invoked,
whether it’s thru fooling people by cursing themselves with song lyrics,
or inside movie theatres watching a harry potter witchcraft movie while
the lines being said from the movie are actual incantations or curses
being put on the people watching the movie, or reading something written
put down in such a way unbeknownst to the reader, that it’s the age old
way witches used to get people to curse themselves with these curses
with no foreknowledge that the man/woman reading the written material,
is actually putting the curse on the themselves. Or, of course, there
can be inter-generational curses..

The factual stories of these
occurrences are rich throughout recent history but especially
ancient/classical history. Perhaps now the world is realizing that the
myths and legends weren’t so much myth and legend but loosely based in
some cases on the actual reality of what was occurring, and more
accurately than any other source, the Word of God as proven time and
time again by true ancient/classical historians of integrity, moral
fortitude, and a tenacious appetite to ensure the history they are
studying, is as accurate as possible knowing that the Brothers of The
Serpent control the very flow of historical data itself, unless you are
out there in the field yourself and have a means to disseminate the
information even though it may be suppressed somewhat are you ending up

The only possibility now of how people can be seeing
‘reptilians’ in the physical form and not a Spirit manifesting as many
are erroneously calling “Shapeshifters”, is because of the cloning
projects going on under cosmic crypto secrecy in places from mexico to
plum island. The Word of God makes clear that it’s not a question of
shape shifting, but it has more to do with the ability of the spirit to
manifest into different physical forms having the main one always
concealed, in order to do what is needed to deceive the man or woman
experiencing the encounter, all in the main purpose to deceive the
individual about the true purpose of why they are being encountered by
the spirit(s); when actually they are being used as a tool for further
deception rather than being given truth. This is why Jesus said thru
Paul in the Word of God;

2Co 11:14-15
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as
the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their

Ever since druidic religion was approved in the 1960s for
the US military, Satanism a.k.a. the highest level of witchcraft being
Luciferianism, has been what is responsible for the impetus for the
genetic manipulation/cloning projects, that are so sick, disgusting and
horrific in their nature, that it would cause most people to vomit at
how demented and far they have went in the effort to corrupt and destroy
our DNA, God’s creation, as they did in the Days of Noah which are
these days now… they are truly making abominations described
throughout the Word of God, especially Daniel and Revelation. We very
much are at war with spirits that are not a flesh and blood, that can
remain in the spiritual manifesting in a spiritual form, which can
manifest into the physical form depending on what level of the hierarchy
they are. Let no man deceive you, trust God and his Word and thou
shalt be saved — Awakened2Truth

This video was put together
by XENDRIUS and praise God He used Him to help split some wheat and
chaff from all the disinfo on Youtube.

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